Touring Exhibitions

Highlights Contemporary Craft Tour for Cumbria, Co. Durham and Northumberland since 2009:  

2018 – Craft+Conflict was a pertinent theme in the year of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.  In rural environments, issues of conservation versus agriculture and industry, of rewilding versus farming are often in the news;  in the global environment, the devastating effect of war on individuals, communities and culture and the subsequent refugee crisis is an ongoing concern. Our artists were also concerned with conflicts in relationships and families.  The exhibition included iconic ceramic landmines by Conrad Atkinson and Paul Scott’s Cumbrian Blue(s) Foot and Mouth Ceramics.  Work by refugees supported by the Made51 UNHCR project were shown, as well as that of Syrian, Swedish and British artists in textiles, ceramics, print, film, enamel and mixed media.

2017 – Luminosity celebrated LIGHT with an illuminating exhibition of contemporary works by UK and International artists including glass, sculptural textiles, film, electronics, jewellery and neon.  Our international artists included Evagelia Hagikalfa from Greece and Statira Jazayeri, a Swedish artist with Iranian roots.  Images can be seen on our Facebook page.

2016 – paperscissorsbook showcased the best of contemporary paper-cut and artist’s books. From exquisite hand-cut paper to the latest laser-cut techniques; ambitious sculptural paper works, installation and intimate works. paperscissorsbook showed the work of 20 artists from the UK, India, Japan, Italy and France.



2015 – Rural Craft Re-imaginedchampioned British craft, celebrating the contribution of heritage craft to contemporary design. Work by Pip Hall, Lynn Setterington, Lizzie Farey, Bill Robinson, Mark Rowney and Lucy Sandys-Clarke.
2014 – Textile Stories showcased three artists whose work brings to life real and imagined stories, told through the medium of textiles.  Work by Stella Adams Schofield, Paddy Hartley and Debra Roberts.

2013 – Miniature Worlds celebrated work that was miniature but monumental in it’s ambition, exploring memory, the human condition, the beauty of nature and objects of remembrance, with participating artists from the UK, Berlin, Japan and the USA.

2012 – Vanguard  Innovative, pioneering, experimental, hothouse, progressive, radical, avant-guarde, mindblowing CRAFT!  Work by artists and craftspeople that through single minded perseverance, research and experimentation, have exploded their traditional craft heritage into the realms of fantasy and adventure.

2011 – Meadowsweet A stunning exhibition of work by three Contemporary Makers inspired by the theme of hay meadows, dovetailing with the Highlights’ tour of the commissioned play:  ‘Sward!  The Story of a Meadow’.  Work by Ellie Langley, Sarah Mitchell and Allyson Gee.

2010 – Thrift & Thread Contemporary Heirlooms by Mandy Pattullo,  explored the theme of recycling through textiles, looking to a past age of thriftiness, of make-do-and-mend.  

Arts Co-ordinator, The Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax – education, promotion, publicity, artists’ studios and exhibitions 1991–1997

Assistant Keeper Education Services, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery & Museum, Bradford 1989-91

Exhibitions Curator, St. Paul’s Contemporary Art Gallery, Leeds 1986 – 1988